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Supervak KY90

Supervak KY90Supervak KY90 is the ideal machine to vacuum a huge quantity of the finest dust without having to change the filter continuously. The supervak has the ability to process the most abrasive fine dust such as cement, flour, sawdust and ceramic dust.


  • 'Automatic self cleaning filters', a patented system to shake and blow the filters simultaneously.
  • Electronic timer that regulates the operation to clean the filters, allowing the vacuum to work continuously without interrupting the suction of the machine.
  • Antistatic filters to avoid electrostatic shocks
  • Dust collection system using either plastic bags or metal tanks
  • Manually operated lever to shake the filter

ModelKY 90KY 90 3TKY 90 4T
Volt single-phase three-phase three-phase
Power W 2500 3000 4000
Depress. max mmH2O 3000 3300 3600
Filter Sufaces cm² 30000 30000 30000
Air flow max Lt/min 5800 5800 5800
Noise level dB/(A) 74 70 74
Bag mt 10 10 10
Valve mm H2O 2300 2750 3150