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Supershine System


New Floor Diamond Discs Washsupershinespongeluxpennalucidaes like a sponge, Polishes like a diamond!

New Floor Diamond Discs for floor restoration and maintenance of Marble, Terrazzo and Limestone. SuperShine & SpongeLux discs allow the removal of scratches restoring the shine.

Never seen a shine so fast!

supershineKlindex leads the way in polishing technologies with diamond discs, introducing the innovative "SuperShine & SpongeLux" system for cleaning, polishing and for the maintenance of marble, terrazzo, limestone and other types of floor.

SuperShine are new abrasive discs covered with a special diamond resin. Available in different grits, they are able to remove scratches, clean and restore the original shine.

SpongeLux is a special sponge disc able to wash and polish with only one step, thanks to its special composition. SpongeLux is the ideal solution for standard maintenance of all type of surfaces since it provides great results and maintains a floors shine.

"SuperShine & SpongeLux" are easy to use and available in the same standard sizes of the Floor Discs normally sold all over the world. They can be applied on any type of monobrush and autoscrubber on the market without modification.

Using "SuperShine & SpongeLux" regularly, instead of the traditional Floor Discs, allows the user to restore and maintain a high gloss surface without changing the normal maintenance routine.

The combination of SuperShine1, SuperShine2 and SuperShine3 will allow you to remove scratches.

SpongeLux, thanks to its special formula, with one step, cleans and polishes marble, limestone, terrazzo etc, giving it a mirror effect quickly. With regular use, your floor will remain clean and shiny without hard work.


The Advantages

The floor remains incredibly shiny and bright, polished back to when it was brand new With the passing of time, the shine disappears and it is necessary to restore the floor with a new coating
Removal of scratches It does not remove scratches
Removal of even the most tenacious dirt and spots Will partially remove stuck on dirt and grime
Fast and Easy to use Time-costly
No damage risk due to use of water only Possible damage risk to surrounding area from chemicals
Easy maintenance, one product cleans, polishes and protects Difficult maintenance
Economic: With SuperShine & SpongeLux you costs are reduced due to removal of chemicals Increase in cost for various chemical products used
Ecologic; uses only water The manufacture, use and removal of chemical products
Mechanical shine is produced without any wax coatings Wax coatings are usually needed in order to create shine and this makes the maintenance more expensive and frequent
The regular use of SpongeLux protects and waterproofs, making the floor more resistant to dirt and spots The continuous use of detergent tends to deteriorate the floor and increase the porosity, causing dirt to adhere to the floor