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UFO Countertop

The UFO countertop is a planetary polisher ideal for grinding and polishing countertops, stairs, small areas, edges and corners and other narrow areas.

Due to its powerful motor and counter-rotating planetary it is possible to grind and polish marble, granite and concrete.

The machine is a step above other countertop polishers due to its robustness and perfect balance, as traditional hand grinders are difficult to use, unstable and lack durability.

This difference between other machines in the market is achieved by its carefully studied planetary speed that makes the polishing process quick and effective whilst the machine remains extremely stable.

The large motor directly centered over the planetary gearbox helps this stability whilst providing a more even finish than any other machine. Also comes with a splashguard and exhaust outlet.

video Video of Ufo

ModelUFO 330UFO 330 VS
Volt 1-phase 1-phase
Max Power 1 Hp 1 Hp
Grinding Disc Speed 1000 rpm 400 - 1500 rpm
Working Width 330mm (13") 330mm (13")
Tools 3x140mm (5,5") 3x140mm (5,5")
Water Tank 2 lt 2 lt
Weight 17 Kg 18 Kg

UFO Countertop