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Rotoklin 320

The most aggressive grinding machine in the world, the Rotoklin enables the operator to cut through the toughest flooring in a single pass. Suitable for applications requiring extremely fast surface removal rates, such as floor preparation, glue or resin removal, or cutting tough concrete and is perfect for levelling uneven, tough floors.


  • Huge productivity and fast removal rates.
  • Cut through hard to remove glue, resin, varnish and paint.
  • Easy to use, without the need for special training.
  • Single floating disc utilizes highly aggressive diamonds to enable higher level of cutting power.

video Video of Rotoklin 320

Motor 4 Hp (3 Kw)
Volt mono-phase
Weight 77 kg
Work width 11" (320mm)
Grinding disc speed 1400 rpm
Tank 18 lt

Rotoklin 320