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A revolutionary, general purpose machine that has changed the way floors are ground, honed and polished. The Levighetor is a break-through machine for the professional looking to enter the flooring industry, due to its wide range of capabilities.

Its powerful 4hp motor and 430-530mm work section enables quick cutting of moderate sized areas, with greater maneuverability and versatility than any other machine in the world.


  • Includes 360 directional wheels that allow the machine to move in any direction, with greater smoothness and uniformity in the finish.
  • Can fit a variety of planetary head systems, brushes or drive pads adding to its adjustability.
  • Removable planetary head means the machine can be split in two for greater maneuverability.
  • Able to work with additional weights for a total weight of 160kg.

video Video of Levighetor 640 (Concrete floor preparation)

video Video of Levighetor 640 (Grinding and Polishing Marble floor)

video Video of Levighetor 640 (Bush-Hammering concrete floors)

Motor max 4 Hp (3 Kw) max 4 Hp (3 Kw)
Volt mono-phase mono-phase
Weight 90 Kg 130 Kg
Work Section 430 mm 530 mm
Grinding Disc speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Tank 18 lt 18 lt
Tools 3x100mm 3x200mm