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Hercules 530

The Hercules is a new “inline” single phase grinding machine capable of being used by those with little experience with grinding machines. Due to its easy handling, reliability and simple design, it shares the simplicity of belt driven inline grinders without the hassle of any belt-driven gearboxes that can have belts slipping and breaking.


  • A floating head similar in design to other floor grinders available on the market
  • Available in both single phase and three phase
  • Available with variable speed
  • Can be broken into two separate pieces for easy transport

videoVideo of Hercules 530

ModelHercules 530
Motor max 4 Hp (3 Kw)
Volt mono-phase
Weight 130 Kg
Work Section 530 mm
Speed 750 rpm
Tank 18 lt
Tools 3x200mm

Hercules 530