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Grind hundreds of linear metres quickly and efficiently, but most importantly, without bending or kneeling down. The Extrema virtually eliminates any need for hand held floor grinders and sanders.

Extrema is the ideal machine for grinding and polishing edges and corners of polished concrete, marble, granite, stone, etc.


  • Grind with speed and closeness to the edge unparalleled in any other hand held grinding machine.
  • Avoid grinding gouge marks into the floor typical of other handheld machines.
  • Applications for all diamonds and surface types, allowing specific tooling for a variety of surfaces.
  • Counter rotating grinding heads and 360 degree directional wheels allow greater maneuverability and smoothness.
  • Work efficiently with a dry vacuum skirting system incorporated to work free of dust, can also wet grind with tank, hose and nozzle system attachments.

video  Video of Extrema (Grinding Concrete Edges and Corners)

video  Video of Extrema (Removing Varnish)

Motor 2 HP (1,5 Kw)
Volt Mono-phase
Weight 47 Kg
Work Section 292 mm
Speed 1400rpm
Tank 8Lt
Diamond Abrasive Tools 2x146 mm